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Other courses to compliment our range of specialist Investigation training Isle of Man courses and presentations include:

Concerned about protecting yourself from the ever changing threats of Cyber Crime? From the employment of basic strategies to protect you at home and work to developing a sophisticated defence and having the capability to react and investigate, then our team can help you. Our presentations are pitched at the level desired by the client and always well received.

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A 2 day course, normally delivered in house to Clients. This course is aimed at all organisations, Local Authorities and Government Departments whose staff have responsibility to investigate complaints, grievances and incidents. The sessions give an overview of basic investigation procedures and techniques, online searching, relevant legislation and record keeping.

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A 2 day course for those individuals whose role involves an investigatory function interviewing compliant witnesses and achieving ‘best evidence’ The aim of this course is to enhance the Delegate’s knowledge and understanding in relation to the investigative interviewing process for compliant interviewees. The training will include legal aspects, psychology and the understanding of memory recall, practical exercises and basic statement writing.

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1 day course for staff in the public sector who by virtue of their role or responsibility have investigatory powers and require an awareness in the presentation of evidence gathered at a civil or criminal Court or Tribunal; or staff that may be responsible for presenting evidence at a Tribunal. The Aim of this workshop is to explain the Courtroom processes, explain roles of everyone involved, deal with cross examination and have an understanding of the adversarial process.

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A half day workshop aimed at encouraging the participants to consider the primary objective of the Act, namely that information should be available to promote public interest but that this access needs to be balanced with the ability to maintain rights to privacy, effective government and the costs to the taxpayer. Furthermore, to help the participants in identifying requests, seeing if they are valid, exempt or are actually subject access requests under the Data Protection Act.

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A half day seminar aimed at all organisations who deal with data. This workshop will provide a refresher on existing Legislation and identify relevant matters and concerns raised by the EU Data Protection Regulation. Our speaker at this session is a leading Advocate who also holds the position of Chartered Secretary, placing him in an ideal position to deliver this training.

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A half day session which can be a facilitated workshop to assist organisations in setting their own standards and creating their own rules in Customer Service. This technique has proved highly successful recently with a Local Authority. Alternatively it can be a directed session aimed at dealing with difficult customers and clients, conflict management and preventing violence in the workplace.

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A 3 hour session which focuses on the use of communication skills and conflict management to assess, reduce and defuse potential conflict situations. To conclude, the workshop will demonstrate how to apply good practice after a conflict situation.

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A variety of performance management, absence from the workplace, supervisors and team leaders skills sessions.

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At the conclusion of the training a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.

The vast majority of our specialist training courses are designed at the request of Clients and delivered in house or at our selected training venues. If you are searching for a particular course then please contact me direct and we will personalise the content for you.

Further details can be obtained by calling us on +44 (0)1624 611190, or +44 (0)207 769 6871 or emailing

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