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This is what Hansard Global had to say about our Advanced Internet Investigations course in February 2020

Excellent…beyond expectations…fantastic course…very interesting and helpful…brilliant…really interesting and knowledgeable…would highly recommend…great to hear about Tony’s experience…clear and great pointers to help with current role…recommend this course to others in an outside the company…very good…clear presentation and insightful…a lot learnt in a short period…really informative and enjoyable…very in-depth…could have just done with more time.

Advanced Internet Investigations course – February 2020
Expol Course Delegates

This is what two Government Departments had to say about our Internet Investigation course:

“Excellent fun, easy to read and follow…very informative and interesting…extremely interesting and useful…empowering…well delivered…good mixed content…plenty of examples to understand in real terms…excellent resources shared…very informative and current…thank you.”

Internet Investigations course Summer 2019
Expol Course Delegates

Advanced AML for MLROs course April 2019

“Excellent presentation…Group interaction helps improve knowledge…The course covered everything I needed including current trends and updates and will help within my role in compliance…Bill makes AML really easy to listen to…Great course which has served as a Refresher and also raised some good points to share on training and to put into practice…picked up good points to look out for when reviewing my own new clients…easy to follow and listen to…it was made very interesting and engaging…good pace…interesting case studies ”

Advanced AML for MLROs course April 2019
Expol Course Delegates

Advanced Internet Investigation course

“I really enjoyed myself yesterday, Tony was full of information and didn’t make it complicated to understand. I’ve took away loads of good info and tools to put to my manager about how we can improve our due diligence process…would recommend to anyone interested in the subject…knowledgable and interesting…relaxed atmosphere…info-packed!…need time to digest all we discussed…will enjoy going through the docs we’ve been given…all well explained and understandable…I have come away with useful knowledge. ”

Advanced Internet Investigation course
Expol Course Delegates

“GDPR for Investigators course:

Rob Kinrade, Director of Expol, was delighted to welcome two Delegates from the United Kingdom on the GDPR for Investigators course recently. He said, “This is a reflection of the quality of our training products that Delegates are willing to travel here to attend. This is good business for the Isle of Man generally and we hope that our future training courses will encourage Delegates from further afield. I am most grateful to them for investing in us and we look forward to meeting them again next month as they have committed to attend our Advanced OSINT course”.

GDPR for Investigators
Expol Course Delegates

“The Open Source and Internet Investigation courses held in the Isle of Man on 20th and 21st February received the best feedback ever for these courses.  Here are a few comments from this week’s Delegates:

A brilliant course, one of the best I’ve ever attended…Tony was excellent and I learned so much… Excellent…great course…massive amounts of info…happy to recommend…Tony is excellent…thank you for such an informative day, I’ve learned so much and will be taking this into work…excellent course overall, Tony is very knowledgable and obviously has a wealth of experience…handout and website excellent…very relaxed but covered a lot of ground…enjoyable, interactive and engaging…I have done similar courses which I found a little ’soft’ and too internet security centric, this had more usable skills presented…feel that my knowledge on internet related matters has increased dramatically…very clear and interesting presentation, good examples used and useful insights…extremely interesting facts and demonstrations…a really fascinating day…excellent level of informations on search tools available…mind boggling…learnt a huge amount…thanks, will discuss with management for future courses.”

Open Source and Internet Investigation courses
Expol Course Delegates

Excellent course…Well pitched…Thought provoking and informative…Great discussions…Would recommend this…Realistic examples bringing points to life…Peter was a great Tutor and course material was presented very well…Relaxed and informative…Many real life examples to put the principles into context… Engaging speaker”

What some people said about our Corporate Governance workshop…..
Expol Course Delegates

‘Very informative and I would highly recommend…very informative and appreciated the steady pace…very impressed with venue…a good overall intro to Equality…well paced, good venue, enjoyed the session broken into chunks with short breaks…thought provoking…good reference/research points…useful anecdotes to aid memory…interesting information from ‘real life’…would be interested in attending an update in the future…its a workshop that will develop given that all details of the legislation are not yet known…would be interested in attending an update in the future’.

What some people recently said about our Isle of Man Equality Act training:
Expol Course Delegates

“Good format and good presenter…Speaker had experience of a number of elements of Cyber crimes from a tech point of view and legal/regulatory view…I found the event informative and an enjoyable learning session.  Raised some good things to think about and gave real day examples to improve understanding, which were memorable…Gave an overview on what we should now receive back at the office!”

What some people said about our recent Cybercrime training
Expol Course Delegates

Very informative, enjoyed it…Good, interactive sessions and very useful…Very useful for MLROs…Very well presented…Great interaction…Good speaker, interactive course, maintained level of interest…case studies bring content to life…many points to read up on post course…enjoyed manner in which presented…delivery and engagement spot on, came away feeling having learned…really good incorporating group exercises, made it much more engaging.

What some people said about Advanced AML courses this week
Expol Course Delegates


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