Advanced Open Source &
Internet Investigation Training

Corporate Risk Consultants & Forensic Investigators

Advanced Open Source &
Internet Investigation Training

Due Diligence, Compliance, risk management, staff screening and vetting will all be enhanced
by skills honed on this course. The Advanced Open Source and Internet Investigation 1-day course will provide Delegates with additional skills to confidently undertake investigations and present the material obtained in a manner that will withstand scrutiny in Court

About the Advanced Open Source & Internet Investigations Course Isle of Man

Our trainer

Tony Bennett is a former police Detective who has the enviable skills of having led numerous online, cybercrime and social networking investigations. He has been a qualified Trainer for many years and has the distinction of having headed up a High Tech Crime Unit. He is an accredited expert in the forensic examination of computers. An unrivalled CV and renowned, international conference speaker.

Who is this course for?

MLROs, Researchers, Risk and Compliance teams and those who gather information from the internet as a component of their
investigative strategy. This course is interactive, immersive and forms the basis for further training.

What does the course involve?

  • You will learn the principles of open source intelligence gathering and interpretation of internet traces including digital images
  • Social networks will be examined in depth
  • You will also capture internet material and present it in an evidentially sound format
  • We will visit the deep and dark web to demystify this area of the internet.
  •  Challenging practical exercises will be at the heart of the workshop
  •  We’ll provide a comfortable learning environment, computers and software for you to use during your training, course materials, refreshments throughout the day, lunch and a certificate of attendance.

Module Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this module, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe a communication profile and the methods of creating one
  • Apply the appropriate methodologies to internet based investigations
  • Demonstrate the use of personal and operational security online
  • Demonstrate the customisation and deployment of online tools and techniques
  • Demonstrate simple and advanced methods available to search the internet
  • Demonstrate the use of internet based open source services and databases
  • Demonstrate the investigative value of social networks, digital images and databases
  • Demonstrate the preparation of internet material for judicial or civil presentations

Booking Information

Course costs are £350 plus VAT per delegate for two days training. Discounts are applied also if you book two or more places at one time.

Please see our course dates here

At the conclusion of the training a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.

The vast majority of our specialist training courses are designed at the request of Clients and delivered in house or at our selected training venues. If you are searching for a particular course then please contact me direct and we will personalise the content for you.

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