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Isle of Man Company & Property searches

Do you need information about an Isle of Man registered company ?

Our Researchers are experienced in searching Isle of Man registered companies under the 1931 and 2006* Isle of Man legislation.

Tell us what you require and we will swiftly search the company and obtain any documents that you require.
Need to know whether an individual holds Directorships or Shareholdings (current & historic) in an Isle of Man registered company? We can assist.

* Isle of Man Companies are not obliged to file accounts. Shareholder information is not available for new Manx vehicles (incorporated under Companies Act 2006)

Do you need to search for the ownership or conveyance of a property in the Isle of Man ?

The Isle of Man Land Registry is a modern, accurate and up to date system first introduced in 2002.
Researchers at our Isle of Man office are experienced in searching Land Registry records by address, postcode or name.
We can quickly obtain Deeds of Conveyance, title and other documents relating to an Isle of Man registered property.

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