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Employment Screening

EXPOLCHECK is the pre-employment screening division of Expol Limited

Employers bound by Financial Regulations must now subject new staff to employment screening. Expol has been working in this field since 2008 and we consider ourselves well placed to advise and direct Clients as to the best possible solution for their business. Each Client is different and we have developed a bespoke product to deal with each and every request. A simple criminal record enquiry does not ‘paint the picture’ of the applicant, but can assist as part of a comprehensive, yet cost effective, enquiry.

Failings in employee screening practices have resulted in theft, fraud, workplace violence and sabotage. It is known that some of those applicants are dishonest in their curriculum vitae, use stolen identities to gain employment or take up positions to gather information about your business. This can cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation, exposure to litigation and potentially cause huge financial loss.

The services of ExpolCheck are totally data compliant, thorough and swift and can provide you with quality background reports on which to make informed recruitment decisions every time.

ExpolCheck is a Registered Body to provide basic, criminal record checks.


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