Crisis Management Seminar

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Crisis Management Seminar
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Critical and major incidents, whether in the public or private sector, engage a host of legal processes and procedures in their wake.

Inquests, demands for public inquiry, police and other official investigations, compensation claims, disciplinary proceedings, criminal prosecutions, media interest and reputational scrutiny typically run as serious and cumulative threats to the affected organisation as it tries to get back on its feet.
This Crisis Management Seminar will cover the legal framework which surrounds serious incidents, but focus on practical steps which the management teams of large organisations can take, in advance of an untoward incident, to improve the prospects that the organisation and all its people involved come out of the post-event inquisitions better than they otherwise might, and hopefully with reputations intact or better still enhanced.

Key points to be covered

  • The legal framework of post-event inquiries, claims and proceedings
  • Powers and rights of investigators and claimant
  • Pre-event planning: proving due preparation and commitment
  • Lessons from the past: key incidents and findings and how to use them
  • Decision-making and incident management: proving your case
  • The role of senior management: leadership and competence
  • Post-event internal reviews: pitfalls and suggestions

The Speaker is Mark Scoggins, a Solicitor Advocate from the City of London and a renowned expert on the legal consequences and fall out from major incidents. His talk sets outs areas to consider in your current practices which may assist in preventing ‘the preventable’ as well as dealing with the aftermath.

Some of his biggest Clients are Insurance companies, major Accountancy firms, local authorities and Government Departments.

Areas which may be of benefit to you include:

  • Mass hacking of personal data (with multiple compensation claims and queries over the robustness of corporate governance)
  • Personal risks: seconded employees (particularly if posted to risky areas such as the middle east, far east or south America) suffering injury or worse
  • Property risks: fire, legionella, asbestos

Booking Information

Course lasts 3 hours and price is £150 + VAT per delegate. Discounts are applied also if you book two or more places at one time.

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At the conclusion of the training a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.

The vast majority of our specialist training courses are designed at the request of Clients and delivered in house or at our selected training venues. If you are searching for a particular course then please contact me direct and we will personalise the content for you.

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