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At Expol, we offer the most comprehensive and professional annual screening checks available.

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As an employer, it’s important to keep your workplace safe and secure. Part of maintaining a safe workplace is conducting regular screening checks on all employees.

There are a number of different types of screening checks that can be conducted, depending on the type of job and the level of security required. The most common type of screening check is a criminal background check. This is important for any job where employees may be working for a regulated employer or obtain high level responsibility within an organisation.

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What checks are appropriate for your workplace

Other types of screening checks can include credit checks, FSA/FCA checks, corporate interests, social media and media checks. It’s important to carefully consider which type of screening checks are appropriate for your workplace and your employees.

Conducting screening checks with Expol can provide you with peace of mind. If you have any questions about how to conduct screening checks, or what type of checks are appropriate for your workplace, please contact us and we can arrange a meeting.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A robust policy incorporating regular screening updates contributes to the safety and security of your business in allowing you to be fully cognisant of any undesirable behaviour by staff, not known at the time of employment. The early warning signs of red flags will allow you to act appropriately and safeguard your staff and business.

In addition, conducting regular screening checks can help to build trust and confidence among your employees, as they will know and appreciate that you are taking measures to protect their safety.

Whilst there are no definitive guidelines, it is generally recommended that employers conduct screening checks on a regular basis and at least once a year. This ensures that information about staff is current and accurate, each time allowing the employer to be fully appraised and make swift and informed decisions.
At ExpolCheck we offer two levels of screening – basic and enhanced, each of which can be personalised to meet the needs of the client. We have the ability to add or remove any section of our reports to ensure relevance and necessity. Nothing is too much trouble for the team at ExpolCheck and our researchers are ideally placed to discuss your requirements and advise on the best solution for you.
At Expolcheck our researchers are fully trained, motivated and constantly deliver quality screening reports. They understand the need for attention to detail, accuracy and compliance with data and cyber security. Unique to the Isle of Man, our Researchers are 2 minutes away from a face to face conversation or telephone call to discuss any matter of detail, concern or ambiguity.