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Expol’s comprehensive surveillance service is designed to protect your business and its assets.

Surveillance services

At Expol, our surveillance capability is led by a former, Nationally qualified and head of police surveillance unit. All of our operatives are highly experienced professionals, dedicated to providing clients with the best possible service.

Our company works to strict moral and ethical guidelines and only undertakes lawful investigations. A full scoping exercise will take place with the client to ensure that the surveillance is necessary, proportionate and appropriate. Expol’s specialists understand fully the need to gather evidence, which is admissible in Court. Where possible clients should already be engaged with a legal advisor.

We have access to the best resources and state-of-the-art technology. This enviable blend of human and technical resources allows us to conduct even the most difficult covert surveillance.

Our surveillance capability is not confined to the Isle of Man and we regularly operate in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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What is conventional and technical surveillance?

Conventional and technical surveillance is the covert monitoring and observation of a Subject using human operatives on foot, or in vehicles, and having the technical ability to record movements, actions and, in certain cases, conversation.

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Why use conventional and technical surveillance?

There are many reasons why one might use surveillance in an investigation. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • To gather evidence of business or commercial impropriety
  • To gather evidence of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
  • To gather evidence of criminality
  • To gather evidence in cases of inflated insurance claims
  • To gather evidence of inappropriate behaviour in family matters

What are the benefits of conventional and technical surveillance?

The product of a lawful surveillance can provide evidence of wrong doing, by way of still and video photography, which can be very difficult to later challenge. Thus, it has the potential to bring a swift conclusion to many situations.

Why use Expol?

  1. All cases are carefully assessed and only processed if legal and appropriate.
  2. Expol use experienced, motivated, former law enforcement professionals.
  3. Expol produce reports suitable for use in Court proceedings and are capable of giving evidence in Court.
  4. Expol is wholly independent and totally aware of the restrictions of relevant legislation.