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Our financial crime investigation specialists are experienced and understand fully the need to gather evidence which is complete and admissible in Court.

Expol investigate financial crime

Expol’s team of financial investigators and in house consultants have many years of experience delving into complex and sophisticated structures, fraud, financial and business crime. Recent changes in the policy of law enforcement agencies to require more information and evidence from complainants has seen an increase in approaches being made to corporate investigators such as ourselves. Complainants may be elderly and can be extremely distressed as they may have seen their life savings stolen as a result of a sophisticated scam.
Our team approaches complaints with an open minded and professional approach, yet ensuring the ‘human touch’ of empathy at all times.

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On occasions, the approach to a financial investigation may require a more subtle method to try and infiltrate the criminal network. Expol’s team is highly versed in the art of covert investigation, its Principal, having been a SIO in both overt and covert operations in the police. They currently work with highly qualified, former law enforcement undercover operatives, whose speciality is financial and economic crime. Coupled with Expol’s management team they present a formidable challenge to criminals and online scammers. Recent, noteworthy covert financial investigations have resulted in the recovery of a client’s database stolen by a disgruntled employee, where the main criminal pleaded guilty in the Crown Court and the recovery of an elderly gentleman’s life savings from telephone scammers. Expol’s management and covert investigators are well versed in giving evidence in Court on such matters.
Covert Financial Crime