TSCM (bug sweeps)

Technical Surveillance Counter Measurses (“TSCM”) or bug sweeping is a response to a growing trend in the use of eavesdropping devices, from the simple to the sophisticated.

Expol are experienced in the process of searching for and locating eavesdropping devices

Our rapid response specialists have successfully undertaken assignments from a broad range of clients including: financial corporations, businesses, law firms and private clients both on the Isle of Man and throughout the UK.

Technical surveillance and the leakage of confidential or highly sensitive information will damage your business both financially and reputationally. Consult us if you believe that you are or have been the subject of technical surveillance. We are always happy to offer advice.

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What is bug sweeping?

A thorough and detailed fingertip search of properties and vehicles, in conjunction with the deployment of electronic equipment to identify and locate eavesdropping equipment

Why use our services?

  • To identify evidence of invasive and illegal activity
  • To identify evidence of eavesdropping
  • To protect corporate confidentiality
  • To prevent insider threat activity
  • To ensure confidentiality of all conversations
  • To prevent illegal activity in the home in family cases
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