Criminal & Civil Investigations

Criminal Defence Case Review

Criminal Defence Case Review

Unique to the Isle of Man, Expol was founded by two former, senior police Detectives, both of whom were accredited Home Office Senior Investigating Officers (“SIOs”). Since then the Expol team has been staffed by either further SIOs, or seasoned investigators, all willing to bring their extensive expertise to the table.

The Expol team has an enviable array of qualifications and unparalleled experience in all formats of criminal investigations and is regularly engaged by criminal law firms to examine Prosecution files and analyse the procedures and evidence presented by law enforcement investigators.

This service is also offered to private clients who feel they have been ‘wronged’ or falsely accused of an offence.

The skills of the Expol teams are also utilised by civil litigation teams to examine the veracity of the submissions of their opponents and identify failings and shortcomings, in addition to advising on potential other avenues of direction.

The approach of a ‘support team’ to both criminal and civil legal firms has been highly successful in securing acquittals at Court, criminal charges reduced and civil claims reduced or settled.

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Why do Criminal and Civil Law firms use Expol?

  • Unrivalled experience in the investigation of crime
  • Forensic attention to detail
  • Trusted investigative support to civil litigators
  • Guaranteed to deliver on time, to brief and within budget
  • Capable and experienced in providing evidence at Court
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What roles to Expol undertake for Criminal and Civil Law firms?

  • File review, analysis and identify any shortcomings in the original investigation
  • Interview witnesses and obtain written statements
  • Trace witnesses
  • Trace assets
  • Provide expert witnesses for Court in procedural matters
  • Obtain still and video photography of crime scenes
  • Obtain still and video photography and measurements of Road Traffic Collision scenes
  • Conduct covert surveillance in cases of embellished personal injury claims