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We guarantee to conduct all investigations lawfully, on time, to brief and within budget.

A wealth of knowledge and experience in criminal and civil investigations

Our team of private investigators and detectives have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of criminal and civil investigations, making us uniquely poised to gather evidence that will help you resolve your case. Putting our expertise at your disposal, we guarantee to conduct an investigation that is both time and cost efficient and accepted by the Courts.

From covert surveillance operations to locating individuals or assets, no matter the nature of the enquiry – personal, legal or business – we always provide a premium quality service with full respect for the law and our clients’ needs.

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Our company works to strict moral and ethical guidelines and only ever undertakes lawful investigations

All information obtained by our investigators is treated confidentially and securely stored to protect clients’ privacy. Finally, we regularly review our practices to ensure compliance with relevant laws at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our services cover personal, corporate and commercial enquiries.  We are experienced in dealing with complex investigations, which may include obtaining evidence through CCTV footage analysis, background checks, investigation into financial records and more. No matter the nature of your enquiry, we have the skillset and knowledge to provide reliable results while maintaining full integrity throughout the process.

Our team of private investigators provides a unique advantage for those in need of criminal and civil investigations. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we are able to gather evidence that may help you resolve your case quickly and efficiently. Our professionals have the expertise necessary to conduct a thorough investigation and provide reliable results. We also guarantee a professional approach to ensure accuracy and confidentiality. By utilising our services, you can benefit from an experienced team who will work diligently to uncover key evidence while providing guidance throughout the entire investigative process.

Yes, our team of experienced professionals at Expol conducts discreet surveillance operations.  All are former nationally trained operatives who are motivated and experienced to gather essential evidence, whilst operating fully within the relevant legislation.

Yes, we specialise in locating people, assets and property that are difficult to identify, using a range of methods including data searches, surveillance, online research and conventional investigations.