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We investigate all levels of fraud within corporates, companies and businesses.

Unrivalled expertise in corporate fraud investigation

Expol has the ability to move with the dynamics of a fast moving crime in action to limit a Client’s exposure to financial and reputational risk.

We have the capability to investigate all levels of Fraud within corporates, companies and businesses.

Our Business Crime team is recognised for its experience and unrivalled expertise, encompassing all aspects of ‘white collar’ crime, fraud, internal sabotage, bribery and corruption and financial regulatory issues.

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Specialists in gathering financial evidence

Uniquely, we have great experience in deploying covert (undercover) operatives who specialise in all levels of financial crime.

Regularly, due to law enforcement declining to provide resources to certain categories of crime, in many cases, aggrieved parties must now provide their own evidence for offences to be considered for prosecution.  Expol are specialists in gathering financial evidence and preparing it for the consideration of the Court.

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