Employment Screening

We advise and direct our clients to the best possible solution for their employment screening needs.

Employment screening since 2008

At Expol, we believe that your employees are the key to your company’s success; they represent your values and promote your identity.

ExpolCheck, the pre-employment screening division of Expol Ltd, offers a unique pre-employment screening service that is an integral part of the recruitment policy for many employers. ExpolCheck is not just a scrape of databases; our reports are carefully and individually considered by our skilled team of researchers. With many years of experience at home and abroad, our reputation offers high-quality vetting services, tailored to your needs; our aim is to conduct an accurate and a responsive screening process that enhances your recruitment procedures, removes stress from overworked HR teams, reduces organisational risk and protects business reputation.

The services of ExpolCheck are totally data compliant, thorough, swift and can provide you with quality reports on which to make informed recruitment decisions every time.

ExpolCheck is a long standing and trusted provider of basic, criminal record checks.

Maintain a safe workplace

At Expol, we offer the most comprehensive and professional screening checks available.

As an employer, it’s important to keep your workplace safe and secure. Part of maintaining a safe workplace is conducting regular screening checks on all employees.

Any failings in employee screening practices could lead to security risks and other potential problems within the workplace. It is important to make sure that all employees are properly screened before they are hired to minimise the risk of criminality, internal complaints and grievances.

Employment Screening