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We provide professional Asset tracing services throughout the UK and its Crown Dependencies with a highly experienced team based in the Isle of Man.

Unmatched expertise in asset tracing

Assets can be hidden in an effort to defeat creditors or avoid settlement or disclosure in matrimonial matters. Whatever the reason, we apply our practical experience and skills to quickly identify all assets before they can be dispersed or concealed.

Expol’s team of specialist researchers are regularly called upon to carry out asset trace investigations in order to supplement pre-sue reports into individuals. In these cases, creditors and legal teams task us to identify all tangible and intangible assets, for instance, shareholdings, properties, yachts, aircraft and vehicles.

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We are ideally placed to assist legal teams with asset tracing

Expol’s base on the offshore jurisdiction of the Isle of Man, makes it ideally placed to assist legal teams who are trying to locate assets, which may be hidden behind complex corporate structures and then disbursed in other countries.

In addition to the researchers who bring expertise to this space, we also collaborate with a team of covert financial investigators (undercover operatives) who have vast experience of asset tracing outside of the UK in countries such as the USA.

Expol’s success in asset tracing is brought about by combining the expertise of its specialist researchers, online investigators, covert teams and global partnerships, all of which have been developed since the company was incorporated in 2005.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We act regularly in family matters where assets are of most concern both pre financial settlement and divorce.  We understand that a fair financial arrangement is essential to your future and we will endeavour to work closely with you to ensure as many assets as possible are located.

Expol always works within the requirements of the relevant Data Protection Act legislation and GDPR guidelines.  Once satisfied that your request is lawful then our teams proceed fully cognisant of the restrictions so that our report with findings can be accepted by the Courts.

Expol has access to resources that members of the public may not. This includes databases, trained researchers, and other options that can help identify and locate assets efficiently.

Our company works to strict moral and ethical guidelines and only undertakes lawful investigations.