Former detectives put skills to use in the business sector

Rob Kinrade and Dave Bell of Expol Limited, partners in investigation agency, Expol Limted, were finalists in the Customer Service Award at last year’s Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence. JULIE BLACKBURN has been to see them

When two senior detectives retire what do they do with all the investigative skills they have acquired during their time on the force? Dave Bell and Rob Kinrade started an investigation agency, Expol Limited. Nothing unusual there – after all, we see ex-detectives doing that all the time on the television. Only this is real life, not TV drama, and Dave and Rob don’t spend their time plaguing current police enquiries with their theories about who the murderer is. In real life, certainly here in the Isle of Man, their skills are put to much better use in the business sector. Dave Bell explained:

‘Our services are designed for corporate risk. We offer three main areas of expertise: investigation, employment screening and training.’

Employment screening is about looking into the background of prospective employees. As they point out, a candidate may impress at an hour-long interview but there may be things that are not disclosed that an employer would not be comfortable with.

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