Coming soon: Expol’s New Pre-Employment Screening Portal!

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Coming soon: Expol’s New Pre-Employment Screening Portal!

Our pre-employment screening clients – who range from SMEs to global corporations – will soon be able to use our new online portal which will make it even easier to access, monitor and manage the services they need.

It’s the result of a significant financial investment, plus time and resources, to make sure we continue to deliver the efficient and cost-effective service that our valued customers need – as Expol has been doing since 2008. he portal will provide 24/7/365 access for clients and their employees, which in turn will help them deliver the round the clock service levels they need.

Commenting on the portal, Expol Director Alayne Sheffield said: “First of all we must say a big thank you to everyone in our team who has worked on this project, our IT consultants, and to clients who have provided very useful feedback which has helped us to create a portal that meets their requirements.”

Alayne added: “We’re proud to be the providers of pre-employment screening for many leading businesses, such as Utmost International and Capital International Group. Our portfolio of major corporate clients in the financial services sector is growing, and we’re seeing increasing interest from firms in other sectors too, most notably gaming operators and software companies. Whether it’s protecting against the risk of financial fraud, theft of intellectual property or data breaches caused by an employee moving to a competitor, pre-employment screening is a sound investment for businesses in all these sectors. For SMEs, we can offer solutions tailored to meet their needs and budgets too.”

In recent years the importance of employers investing in gold standard pre-employment screening services has increased significantly. “There are three key factors driving this,” says Alayne. “Firstly, tougher compliance rules, regulations and guidelines – especially in the financial services sector where employers must prove that successful applicants for certain key executive roles have passed rigorous checks. Secondly, technology making it easier for unscrupulous job applicants to create fake accreditation or qualification documents, or digital profiles to cover their tracks if they have a chequered history in their professional or personal lives. Thirdly, employers have to be even more aware of privacy and data protection legislation when carrying out pre-employment screening. All of these factors create a landscape which is far more complex than it was a few years ago, and that’s why more and more HR managers are choosing to outsource screening to specialist professionals such as Expol.”

While technology is reshaping the pre-employment screening sector, it’s also important to note that Expol don’t rely solely on scouring digital data. “Our reports are based on intelligent, careful, and considered analysis by our skilled team of researchers,” says Alayne. “Technology is an important tool that we use in conjunction with the human skills and intelligence provided by our team who have many years of experience at home and abroad.”

For the past 16 years we have been helping HR managers in the Isle of Man and UK take some of the stress out of recruiting by providing high-quality vetting services tailored to their needs. We give them the peace of mind which comes from knowing that we have gone the extra mile to make sure they recruit people they can trust to support the future of their business. “As it has always been,” adds Alayne, “our aim is to continue to provide an in-depth and efficient screening process that enhances clients’ recruitment procedures, removes stress from overworked HR teams, reduces organisational risk, and protects business reputation. Our new portal will make working with us even easier and hassle-free.”

For HR managers, we know that their worst nightmare is an apparently trustworthy employee recruited on their watch hitting the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. The financial cost, reputational damage, potential employment tribunal and impact on staff morale can take years to repair. Peace of mind is worth paying for, so making life a little easier for hard-working HR professionals was a key consideration during the process of creating the new portal.

If you’re not one of our clients already, we can help you achieve peace of mind too by helping you identify who you can trust to support the future success of your business.

We will be informing our pre-employment screening clients directly when a date is confirmed for the launch of the new portal and sharing this news on our social channels and website too.