Topical Talk business roundtable 2018

Expol Director, Dave Bell, was recently invited to join a panel of local business leaders to discuss, amongst other things, the strategic direction of the Isle of Man

David Bell from Expol believes there is a positive mood in the island. He said: ‘I think there’s a good feeling about at the moment.

‘For example, if you look at the promenade scheme, the government acquistion of the Steam Packet, these are really positive things.

‘It’s a good starting point and I believe the Isle of Man had a lot of catch-up to do.’

Mr Bell is also a director of a new recruitment agency, the meeting was told, and he said the signs externally were that people wanted to come to the island to live and work because of the ‘quality of life here.’

He added: ‘There is much more awareness of quality of life,it’s not just all about salary.’

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